Capstone MAP

Course Code
BA 453

3 hours
STRATEGY 390 or Ross Minor

Capstone MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects) --- This course provides students with an opportunity to develop personal capabilities, professional competencies, collaboration skills, and business acumen by integrating and applying knowledge to real-work organizational opportunities and problems.

Capstone MAP gives students the chance to work as a team on a hands-on project for a real-world company using a wide range of business skills and critical thinking. Projects are sponsored by established companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations. Guided by top Ross faculty members, students conduct original research, develop workable recommendations, and present their results to company executives. The challenge is difficult, the work is real, and the experience is irreplaceable.   

This course will help students refine the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace by empowering student teams to work independently, design their own schedules, and deliver results for real companies.  BA 453 will teach students to effectively design and organize projects, extract valuable information from multiple resources, and ultimately deliver productive and impactful solutions.  This course is a must-take for any student looking to nail future work projects and add value in their first professional role.

After enrolling, you'll have the opportunity to bid for projects from a wide variety of sectors, including Real Estate, Energy, Transportation, Media, Non-profit, Start-ups, and many more. You can also request projects that focus on a variety of disciplines, including finance, marketing, strategy, operations, etc.

Most teams will have three touch points with Executives from their sponsor company: at the beginning, middle, and end of the project. After some initial training in at the beginning of the course, student teams will be responsible for working autonomously to complete their project with weekly meetings with their faculty advisor.

Take this class if you want to:

  • Have a well-rounded experience that involves using your knowledge from marketing, strategy, and other core courses
  • Work outside the classroom, on your own schedule
  • Make an impact in a local company or nonprofit
  • Develop translatable consulting experience
  • Network with others on campus and in your sponsor organization
  • Receive mentoring from MBAs and a diverse group of professors

The following videos show last year’s BBA seniors talking about their BA 453 experience last year making an impact, working with industry leaders, and supporting emerging startups—be sure to check them out!

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