Competing in Global Business

Course Code

2.25 hours
(Online MBA or Evening MBA) and no credit in STRATEGY 503

Competing in Global Business Environment --- This Online MBA core course provides students with the concepts, tools, and institutional knowledge necessary to conduct in-depth analyses of the global competitive landscape. The goal is to understand the underlying mechanisms that drive globalization, shape the international business environment, and influence the capabilities and strategies of individual businesses. -- We focus on how a company's firm-specific international competitiveness and strategic options are influenced by: exchange rate movements, risk and volatility; location-specific market-based comparative and competitive advantage and non-market institutions; government fiscal, monetary, trade and investment policies, domestic politics, culture, and international organizations. -- Given the challenges and opportunities of operating across borders, how do companies make sourcing, production and distribution decisions in a global context, and how do these business decisions themselves shape globalization, its domestic socio-economic-political impacts, and companies' own competitiveness?