Corporate Strategy

Course Code
3 hours
  • Fall 18
  • Fall 19
  • Fall 20
  • Winter 18

Corporate Strategy --- This is an integrated course focusing on the nature of the general management function: management of the entire business rather than any particular functional area (accounting, finance, marketing, production, etc.). The course is taught by the case method, from the perspective of a general manager, and is intended to provide a structure for integrating analytic concepts and techniques and an opportunity to "experience" a wide variety of strategic and organizational problems in businesses of all sizes. Heavy emphasis will be place upon using the skills and tools of preceding courses to develop in-depth situational appraisals, formulate specific recommendations, and then to communicate to others these analyses and recommendations.

Taught By
Allan Afuah
  • Professor of Strategy
Prof. (Dr.) Allan Afuah received his PhD from MIT. His research focuses on scientific problem solving and is rooted in the strategies and processes...
Anuradha Nagarajan
  • Lecturer of Strategy
Dr. Nagarajan is a faculty member in the Corporate Strategy and International Business department at the Ross School of Business at the University of...
Justin Frake
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
I am an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. My research investigates the effects of social...