Fundamentals of Sales Management

Course Code
MKT 310

3 hours
(BA 200) or BusMinor or Entrepreneurship Minor or (Non-Ross Junior or Senior) or cappo (MRST) Student

Fundamentals of Sales Management --- Nearly $1 trillion is spent every year on the selling function. Every senior management team must deliver its revenue and profit numbers. As customer loyalties diminish and marketing channels proliferate, sales - once seen as a tactical adjunct to marketing - has increased its role to become the key interaction between company and customer. Today sales professionals must expand their perspective to see their role in an enterprise-wide, cross functional context. This course covers the basics of selling skills as well as the core sales management building blocks including organization, compensation/motivation, hiring, training, sales tools, process and leadership. The goal of the course is to show how integrating the sales function within the company's strategic planning increases productivity and profits. Case studies, interaction with outside executives and outside speakers are used extensively in delivering the concepts.