Global Practicum: Study Abroad

Course Code
BA 425
3 hours
  • Winter 20
  • Winter 21

Global Practicum: Study Abroad --- This course is a semester-long course focused on a given business theme, industry, or issue, and includes fieldwork away from the UM campus over spring break. This course, runs over the entire winter term, includes pre-fieldwork study and activities that build your theoretical framework on a given theme, industry, or issue, a fieldwork component of at least a week in either an international or domestic setting that allows you to put your learning in practice, and post-fieldwork time in the classroom to reflect, synthesize, and share your findings with the broader community. The themes and fieldwork locations for Global Practicum Courses vary each year and are typically announced in the fall term. More information on the current offerings can be found on M-Compass and the Ross Global initiatives website.

Taught By
Burcu Tasoluk
  • LEO Lecturer III of Marketing
Professor Tasoluk joined Ross as a visiting research scholar in September 2016 and she started teaching at the BBA program in 2018. Her research...