Introduction to Coding with Python

Course Code
TO 420
1.5 hours
  • Fall 21 (A)
  • Spring/Summer 20
  • Spring/Summer 21
No credit in SI 106, 206, EECS 183, or 485

Introduction to Coding with Python --- The business world clearly has an increasing need for tech -savvy managers who could speak the language of coders and technicians. In addition, the number of popular BBA electives that require students to code has grown significantly in recent years (e.g. TO 412, TO 414, and FIN 342). This course is intended for BBAs with no prior programming experience. This course will help such students to get a fast grasp of what coding is all about, while learning the basics of programming in Python. It will prepare students for advance business courses which require programming but do no focus on the teaching of coding. Students will learn python data structures, conditional execution, iterations, working with files and more.