Leading without Authority

Course Code
MO 615

3 hours
Graduate Standing

Leading without Authority: Building and Leveraging Relationships --- This course prepares you to lead and navigate organizations in situations in which your formal authority -- power associated with your job title -- is either limited or unavailable. Such skills are indispensable in contemporary organizations, which are increasingly cross-functional, matrixed, or project-driven and which exceedingly rely on interdependent relationships with external partners. Such conditions limit the reach and effectiveness of formal authority. The primary objective of this course is to equip you with the leadership skills needed to diagnose, navigate, and take action in the relational and political landscapes of organizations. This course is for those who pursue achievement despite obstacles and do so in a way that is ethical and enriching to you and others. Course objectives include: - Acquire a portfolio of influence tactics that enable you to be effective in a variety of situations. - Understand how to develop and leverage relationships with others. - Acquire conceptual and analytical skills for diagnosing power and political landscapes in organizations. - Assess your own power bases and influence styles and consider strategies for expanding them. - Understand how you leverage power and influence to drive positive organizational and societal change. - Develop strategies for building and leveraging relationships and using power and influence ethically and responsibly.