Managerial and Financial Accounting

Course Code
MBAN 502
2.25 hours
  • Fall 22 (A)
MBAN Students Only

Managerial and Financial Accounting --- The course explores the use of accounting systems for both external communication (financial) and internal management (managerial). The course will introduce basic concepts used in the construction of corporate financial statements, how to understand those statements, and how to measure key indicators of corporate performance. On the managerial side, the course will cover how accounting information is used internally to measure and track the performance of a firm on its key success factors, and the use of those measures in management decision-making.

Taught By
Christopher Williams
  • Professor of Accounting
  • Clyne Crawford Teaching Fellow
  • Michael and Joan Sakkinen Faculty Fellow
  • Faculty Director Accounting PhD Program
Chris Williams is a Professor of Accounting and the Michael and Joan Sakkinen Faculty Fellow at the Ross School of Business. His research focuses on...