Managing Professional Relationships

Course Code
MO 324
3 hours
  • Fall 19

Managing Professional Relationships ---This course is designed to help (undergraduate) students understand and manage themselves In the workplace. Using the framework of emotional intelligence, the students will learn tools and techniques to better develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Based on research findings and on interviews with leading professionals and recent graduates of Ross, students will learn how to build strong interpersonal relationships and manage conflict and change in today's workplace. Students will be expected to contribute actively in the class. Additionally, they will be responsible for preparing, summarizing, and presenting an interview with one of the guest speakers. At the conclusion of the class, students will be expected to develop their own Personal Plan for Building Positive Relationships in the Workplace. Goals of the class: -Enhance self-awareness about your own relationship-building skills and experiences. -Develop awareness and specific skills for effectively building high-quality professional relationships. -Through meetings and discussions with guest speakers, students will explore their own approach to building high quality relationships -Through using a journal and through participating in small group interactions, learn how you see yourself and how others see you in terms of professional relationships