Pricing Analytics and Strategy

Course Code
MKT 608

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing

Pricing Analytics and Strategy --- The 4 Ps of the marketing mix are - (1) the product, (2) its promotion, (3) its distribution, and (4) its pricing. The first three elements are a company's attempt to create value while the last is an attempt to capture some of that value. As one marketing expert aptly stated, "For marketing strategists, pricing is the moment of truth - all of marketing comes to focus on the pricing decision." To prepare us better for that moment the objectives of this course are: i) to familiarize you with the concepts, theory and latest thinking bearing on the key issues in pricing, taking the perspective of the marketing manager. This will be done primarily through lectures, class discussions and assigned readings; ii) To provide you with the opportunity, through case analyses and problem solving, to apply concepts and theory to the solution of pricing problems in marketing settings.