Strategic Sourcing

Course Code
TO 624

2.25 hours
GMBA or FTMBA or MAcc or MSCM or Evening MBA or (prior or concurrent enrollment in TO 701 or MFG 501)

Strategic Sourcing --- Strategic sourcing is the cross-functional process of critically analyzing how the organization can most effectively secure outside goods and services. This process is rooted in gaining a deep understanding of the overall value chain for the good of service of interest, and the business case behind a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship between the buyer and supplier(s). This course teaches: analytical tools such as spend analyses (what is bought where?) and cost modeling (what drives cost?) to inform business case development: how to negotiate with suppliers using market-based (competitive bid) or multi-party (negotiation) mechanisms; and ways of structuring relationships and contracts to track results, drive sustainable performance, and mitigate risk.