Strategy Benchmarking

Course Code
1 hours
  • Spring 20
  • Spring 21
MO 593

Strategy Benchmarking --- This course is an action learning course to provide a field supplement to the in-class Strategy 591 course. After classroom and background readings, the students will engage in benchmarking and company assessments in New York City for 2.5 days or in Silicon Valley for 2.5 days. A cross section of industries will be visited ( and perhaps some non-profit organizations). The instructor will facilitate a workshop with the host executives at each company to learn about the organization, to uncover best and worst practices in an interactive session. The goal is to provide cross company, cross industry and cross cultural learning regarding business strategy, management, and organization.

Taught By
Michael Jensen
  • Professor of Strategy
My research focuses on the role of social structures in markets. I view markets as social structures that encompass social networks and cognitive...