Tauber Institute Team Project

Course Code
TO 703
1.5 - 3 hours
  • Fall 21 (A)
  • Fall 22 (A)
  • Winter 22
  • Winter 23
TO 701

Tauber Institute Team Project --- This course is a paid, multi-disciplinary team project under faculty direction at an industry site. The projects are highly challenging operations-related assignments with both business and engineering aspects. Students may choose from a wide selection of projects, ranging from high-level strategic analysis and positioning, to detailed work flow issues for a specific product line. After a successful summer on site, Tauber students present project results at an all-day conference known as Spotlight.

Taught By
Hyun-Soo Ahn
  • Ford Motor Company Co-Director of the Joel D. Tauber Institute for Global Operations
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
Hyun-soo Ahn is a professor of Technology and Operations and Ford Motor Co. Director of Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of...