The world-class economists in the Michigan Ross business economics faculty give you a clear view of how business, labor, and policy intersect.

Economics is a fundamental discipline that provides the foundation for other areas of study, such as finance, strategy, marketing and operations. Economic research provides critical insights into all aspects of business and public policy. 

Faculty members in the Business Economics and Public Policy area are experts in a wide range of topics including economic organization and contracting, antitrust, regulation, energy, environmental policy and sustainability, international trade and finance, developing economies, entrepreneurship, taxation and healthcare.  Courses in this area help students apply the rigor of economic logic to understand consumer behavior, firm strategy and the impact of public policies on individuals, organizations, and social welfare. 

Jagadeesh Sivadasan, Department Chair
Jagadeesh Sivadasan

Cheryl Strickland, Faculty Support Administrator

Business Economics Faculty Directory

Jagadeesh Sivadasan
Buzz and Judy Newton Professor of Business Administration
Area Chair, Business Economics and Public Policy
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Jagadeesh Sivadasan is the Buzz and Judy Newton Professor of Business Administration in the Business Economics and Public Policy group of the Ross...
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Business & Economics PhD Program

The PhD program in Business and Economics is a joint degree offered by the Ross School of Business and the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan.

The goal of the joint program is to prepare scholars who will receive the best training in the theoretical and methodological approaches used in economics combined with the specific training in business applications offered at the business school.  The program is designed to serve students who have interests in broad microeconomic research areas of relevance to business, including Industrial Organization, and business-related topics in Labor, Environmental, Health, International, and Development Economics.  

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Business Economics at Michigan Ross

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Business Economics Courses

Get details on specific courses including key required classes and electives for Michigan Ross degree programs.

Business Economics courses

Seminar Series. For additional information on BE Seminar Series, please contact Professor Sivadasan, organizer.

OTPR supports and disseminates academic research on all aspects of the tax system, with the goal of informing discussion about the future course of policy.

Business+Tech provides opportunities for students across campus of every comfort level to learn, grow, and experience real-world tech concepts in action through cross-disciplinary events, a wide variety of courses, and alliances with organizations, faculty, and alumni.

A partnership with the School for Environment and Sustainability, the Erb Institute fosters sustainable enterprise through research and education.


Discover how the Ford School combines the values of community, integrity, service, action, and leadership to advance and improve our world.

Learn how a strong grounding in economic theory and application can help you understand behavior and evaluate policy.