Winter 2017

Date Speaker/topic
January 17 Scholar's Journey
  Gretchen Spreitzer, Management & Organizations
January 24 Reuven Lehavy, Accounting
Analyst Information Discovery and Information Interpretation Roles: 
    A Topic Modeling Approach"
January 31
Eric Schwartz, Marketing
   "How is data science helping Flint recovery efforts?
    A Data-driven approach to infrastructure improvement"
February 7 Scholar's Journey
  Jerry Davis, Management & Organizations 
February 14 No Session
February 21 No Session
February 28 No Session
March 7 No Session
March 14

Anna Costello, Accounting  
Understanding Frictions in Supply Chain Relationships"

March 21

Felipe Csaszar, Strategy
   " Individual and Organizational Antecedents of Strategic Foresight "

March 28

Dana Muir, Business Law

   "Decentralized Enforcement to Combat Financial Wrongdoing"

April 4 Jordan Siegel, Strategy

About The Luncheons

Attendance is limited to Ross School of Business Faculty and invited guests.

All sessions start at 12:00pm.  Invitation emails will include location.

Presentations begin at 12:10pm and end by 1:00pm.

Curated by Scott Rick, Associate Professor of Marketing