FAQs About Round 3


We get a lot of questions about Round 3 from applicants, and we’ve learned applicants have many misconceptions. Many of those relate to the chances of getting in in the last round. If this is something that you’re thinking about, I’m here to tell you that you can (and should!) apply in Round 3.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Round 3. 

Q: If I apply in Round 3, can I still get in? 

A: Absolutely! We specifically reserve spots in our class for Round 3 applicants. In fact, we find some of our best students, academically and leadership-wise, are admitted during Round 3 each year. 

Q: So I can get in during Round 3, but there’s no chance of a scholarship, right? 

A: Wrong. Every year we reserve scholarship dollars for Round 3 admits. Last year, over 60% of our Round 3 admitted students received scholarship support, including many international students.  

Q: Will international students be able to get visas approved in time to enroll? 

A: Yes. Although the turnaround time is faster than Rounds 1 and 2, there is still enough time for Round 3 international admits to get their visa processed in time to enroll in the fall. 

Q: Is it better to apply in Round 3 or wait and apply in Round 1 next year? 

A: If you’re asking yourself this question, it likely means that you’ve already started the application process. The Round 3 deadline is six weeks away (March 30). There’s still time to ask someone to write your recommendation letter (we require only one). And our essays are short and direct. Remember, there’s no chance of being admitted if you don’t apply

Q: But my GMAT/GRE score isn’t where I think it should be…

A: That’s ok. We accept updated scores even after the application deadline. Just send us your new, unofficial score as soon as possible. 

Q: If I’m admitted, will I be behind the rest of my classmates? 

A: Not at all. Round 3 admits will still have enough time to do the required MBA pre-work, and orientation does not take place until early August. 

Don't miss our Round 3 App Tips webinar. Good luck, and Go Blue!

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