My Top Three Tips for Applying Before Round 2 Deadlines


I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends this holiday season - whether in-person or virtually. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family, cooking, playing board games, and getting organized for next year.

Many MBA candidates use the “downtime” during the holidays to take a final pass at their applications. With the Round 2 deadline approaching for many MBA programs, including at Michigan Ross, I wanted to share a few tips before hitting “submit”. 

  1. To stand out, do you. Tell your unique story, because no one else has it. Don’t try to portray yourself as the “ideal MBA candidate” because there isn’t one. Admissions officers often say, “Be authentic.” The truth is, we don’t really know if you’re being authentic or not, because we don’t know you. But you can bet that if you write a “hero story” or a story you think will be very unique, chances are, we’ve probably read it. Plagiarism software is a thing. 
  2. Review your resume. It's the first thing we look at. Applicants spend a lot of time working on essays and overlook their resumes. First impressions matter - online as in person. Capturing your educational and professional background in one page can be challenging. That’s part of our evaluation -- to see how clearly you can communicate your background and show us what you might bring to the table. 
  3. Be honest. Sometimes a candidate will feel compelled to “enhance” their credentials and skills. It can backfire if you get a reviewer or interviewer who knows something about the thing you “enhanced.” They may have worked in the same industry or company, or speak the language you claim you’re fluent in. Be prepared to go into detail on anything in your resume or application. 

Remember the Round 2 deadline at Michigan Ross is Jan 4, 2021. Here’s a quick link to our application.

Wishing you the best as you put the final touches on your app. I hope you and yours have a happy and healthy New Year!