We Are Getting Ready for Round 3: What You Need (and Want) to Know


The pandemic has not diminished the energy and creativity of our community to develop events that support, educate, and inspire each other. 

On the heels of a rejuvenating Wellness Week, the Michigan Ross community engaged in Diversity Week. This year’s events included a keynote from Ross alum Tamika Curry Smith, former vice president of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Nike; Women X, a storytelling event organized by Michigan Business Women to showcase the breadth of culture and experiences that women have at Ross; East Meets West, a TEDx-style panel hosted by the Asian American Business Association about what it means to be Asian in America; and our first Food, Friends and Culture event focused on religion. The president of United Airlines and the chief operating officer of Remix were among the other global business leaders who participated in Diversity Week events this year.

These events were highly engaging with students and other participants, who stayed on well past the “end time” of the virtual sessions to continue the dialogue. As we recognize Black History Month, I was pleased to see this engagement, as Diversity Week is an important opportunity for our community to celebrate and learn more about the unique cultural backgrounds of our students as well as to continue discussing ways to create a more equitable world at Ross and beyond. 

Now on to what you need to know for applying in Round 3.

Answering the big question: Yes, there are still spots for Round 3 applicants 

We know that candidates’ decision-making timelines can vary; not everyone is ready to hit “submit” in September. We reserve spots in the class for Round 3 applicants, as we will for Round 4. Each year, we continue to have many academic stars and community leaders who are admitted from Round 3. And we know this year will not be any different.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by application requirements, here are two factors that are unique to our application process that may help ease your mind:

  • We require only one letter of recommendation
  • We are still offering test waivers (by application)

There’s no time like the present to kickstart your MBA journey and begin opening doors to resources, skills, and support that will serve you throughout the rest of your professional career. Remember, there’s no possibility of starting your MBA this fall if you don’t apply. 

If you still have questions, contact us at [email protected].

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