Round 2 Decision Release, Round 3 Deadline Upcoming


At this time last year, the admissions team and I were facing the reality of going fully remote. 

We had just wrapped up making our Round 2 decisions as COVID-19 was spreading across the U.S. I remember our last in-person meeting so vividly; we sat together, a bit shell shocked, wondering if we should proceed with our admit calls and what kind of tone to use amid a global pandemic. We concluded that we should try to deliver a bit of joy and normalcy to admits — calling from our respective homes and personal cell phones rather than our office lines. 

It’s hard to believe Round 2 decision release is upon us again. While so much in the world, our personal lives, and our work at Ross has changed in the past year, we will still be calling admits from home this year. 

Round 2 decision release

We will call our Round 2 admits the week of March 15. As always, there is no special order to the calls other than our efforts to be mindful of time zones. 

If you were waitlisted in Round 1, we re-reviewed your application in Round 2. If you are admitted, you will receive a call on the same day as other Round 2 admits. If you do not receive a call, you may remain on the waitlist or be denied. We will email all candidates who remain on the waitlist with next steps and a link to a form to provide updates. We will review waitlisted applications with the Round 3 pool. 

Round 3 deadline

If you missed the Round 2 deadline, never fear! The Round 3 application deadline is coming up on March 29, so you still have time. If you discover that you have questions or concerns as you prepare your application, we’d love to see you at our Admissions Office Hours! Drop by for your last-minute application tips. 

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