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Celebrate International Podcast Day By Tuning into These Podcasts Started By Michigan Ross Alumni


There are over two million podcasts, and that number is increasing each day. As a result, national podcast spending is expected to nearly double in just two years - from $701 million in 2019 to $1.33 billion this year, according to Insider Intelligence.

Many Ross School of Business alumni are making their mark on this industry and have started successful shows of their own. From topics ranging from career advice and current events, to healthy snacks and navigating a first date, Michigan Ross alumni have podcasts covering almost any topic you are interested in. 

If you are new to the podcast world, or already an avid listener, this list of podcasts is worth checking out -- especially on International Podcast Day, Sept. 30. 

Dave Cole, BBA '96

Security Voices

Security Voices touches on a variety of topics related to cybersecurity and privacy. The podcast features security industry professionals who discuss unique stories like hacking satellites to human/AI teaming for national defense. 

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Monique Betty, MBA '96

Tuesdays With Coach Mo

Discover the possibilities to successfully navigate your workplace dilemmas by listening to Tuesdays With Coach Mo. In this biweekly podcast, Coach Mo interviews guests who offer insights and perspectives for high achievers. Topics range from managing yourself and others to career advice.

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Robert "Bo" Brabo, MBA '19

The Bo & Luke Show

The Bo & Luke Show aspires to help its audience be, know, and do better. Whether it's entrepreneurship, building systems to nurture success, or finding the inspiration to make it through the tough times, the diverse group of guests helps listeners find what they need to keep going after their dreams.

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Paul Epstein, MBA ‘19

Playmakers: Impact Unleashed

“Playmakers: Impact Unleashed” features sports and leadership expert Epstein, who utilizes his 15 years of pro sports executive experience to offer inspiring, yet immediately actionable career advice. From stories of total defeat to unimaginable achievement, each show shares a high-energy, prescriptive blueprint to unlock impact and drive success, significance, and purpose no matter one’s current position. 

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Jeffrey, BBA ’88 & Zachary, LSA ’18 Gelfand

Blackout Dates

“Blackout Dates” follows two young journalists as they embark on a quest to uncover the truth of what happened to the movie ticket subscription service MoviePass. After the first episode of investigative podcasting, the tone shifts to a scripted narrative fiction comedy show. 
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Sarah Greifenberger, MBA '89

Succession Success

Succession Success is one of three featured shows on the Empowering Futures Podcast Network. The podcast focuses on the Q5 Experience, which is a collaboration of business professionals that help business owners build their ultimate transferable value by optimizing the business, the people, and the finances.

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Brian Hayden, BBA '01

Finding Your Venture

Finding Your Venture was developed as a teaching tool for the entrepreneurship course that Hayden teaches at the University of Michigan. Each episode of the podcast pairs an entrepreneur's story with a learning objective from the course.

More About Finding Your Venture 

Redesigning the End

Redesigning the End offers insight and actionable tips about choices to be made at the end of one’s life. The podcast touches on topics such as caregiving, estate planning, and senior housing to help listeners be happy and stress-free. 

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Suraj Kandukuri, MBA '21

Brown People We Know

Brown People We Know is an interview podcast with South Asian Americans taking non-traditional career and lifestyle paths. By sharing these stories, the podcast aims to break down external stereotypes about South Asians and to reduce internal social pressures from within the diaspora community to take a certain path.

Brown People We Know has been featured in Forbes and News India Times, and in 2021, received the Lions Share Podcast of the Year award.

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Jodi Klein, MBA '93

First Date Stories

First Date Stories features women in midlife talking all about the debut dates they’ve been on, from the wildly successful to the completely disastrous and everything in between. Through the sharing of their tales and advice, Jodi and her guests help listeners better navigate today's ever-changing dating scene. Now in its fourth season, the podcast is heard in 109 countries.

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Joseph Liu, MBA '07

​​Career Relaunch 

Career Relaunch focuses on how to manage the dynamics of changing career paths that features interviews with everyday people who have chosen to reinvent their own careers and pursue work they find more fulfilling. 

With listeners in 163 countries, the show has been named a top business podcast for entrepreneurs by Forbes, the “best podcast for transitioning to a new career” by Glassdoor, and a top podcast to "help you find a job” by Business Insider.

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Peter Reo, MBA ‘17

Political Curiosity

“Political Curiosity” aims to use captivating conversations to provide a different kind of space to explore important issues surrounding current events and public policy. Reo and Michigan alumni co-host Luis Salvador, MPP ‘11, help bring different perspectives using their varied knowledge. 
More About Political Curiosity

Jenn Trepeck, BBA '05

Salad with a Side of Fries 

Salad with a Side of Fries answers your burning questions, and deciphers fact from fiction, regarding wellness, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, holistic healing, and integrative healthcare. The show addresses how to live a healthful lifestyle while still enjoying fries and dessert. 

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Mica Wilson, MBA '92

Dame Talk

Dame Talk is a multigenerational podcast for women exploring career growth and change. The four women, who represent four different generations, offer their advice and unique points of view surrounding topics ranging from interviews to asking for a salary you deserve, Black Lives Matter, and global crises. 

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