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This Is REAL — Michigan Ross Is Redefining the Future of Business Education


More than 25 years ago, Michigan Ross introduced MAP, an innovative experiential learning program that would go on to change the face of business education and establish Ross among the top business schools in the world.

This week, Michigan Ross continues to define the future of business education with the introduction of Ross Experiences in Action-Based Learning — REAL.

REAL is a unifying concept that brings together the curricular and co-curricular opportunities that Michigan Ross students have now, and will have in the future, to start, advise, lead, and invest in real-world businesses.

Putting students in real-world situations — with faculty guidance but with real stakes on the line — helps prepare them to thrive and lead in a dynamic world. They learn how to meet complex, ambiguous, and evolving business challenges. And, as a result of their practical experience, Michigan Ross graduates are in-demand by top employers and ready to make an impact on day one.

“I’m incredibly excited about the progress we’ve already made and the direction we’re heading,” said Scott DeRue, Edward J Frey Dean of Michigan Ross. “REAL represents the most comprehensive and effective experiential learning platform in business education, and it’s just getting started.”

Included in the REAL portfolio of experiences are:


With the support of these experiences in REAL.START, students have the opportunity to take their original idea from business concept to funded and operating reality.