Genesis Grant

Genesis Grant, BBA '24

Discovering Her Passions Far From Home

A career in business has been on Genesis Grant’s radar for as long as she can remember. A self-described “organizer of all things,” she found that certain aspects of business came naturally to her, even at a young age. Through the BBA Program at the Ross School of Business, she discovered that a degree in business offers many opportunities beyond what she thought possible. 

Going North 

Genesis grew up in Texas and first learned of the University of Michigan when her high school counselor encouraged her to apply for the Michigan Ross All-Access Weekend. The all-expenses-paid program provides students from historically underrepresented groups an opportunity to discover what it’s like to study at a top-ranked business school. After being accepted to the fly-in program, Genesis and her parents made the trip to Michigan for what she describes as a memorable experience. 

“Everyone was so kind and I was really impressed by how much thought they had clearly put into the program and into learning about me as an individual,” Genesis said. “There was an obvious commitment to making sure everyone felt at home, and I thought that was really unique.” 

Even though it was her first college visit, it was immediately clear to Genesis that Michigan Ross would be the bar for which she measured all other schools against. 

The people are what make Michigan very, very special – and it seemed like there was so much I could learn from everyone here. No other school visit compared to my experience at Ross.

Gaining Experience, Building on Her Passions

Once she got to Ross, she discovered the curriculum and learning experiences offered her the  well-rounded knowledge of business she had been wanting.   

“Everything is hands-on and a lot of those opportunities are in the classroom,” Genesis said. “I got to work with Procter & Gamble as part of my strategy class — it’s just something that’s built into the curriculum, not something extra that I had to seek out.” 

She was able to put her knowledge to work through an internship in New York with Related, learning about real estate and working to improve the shopping experience for visitors to Hudson Yards. She credits the Weiser Center for Real Estate and the Career Development Office for preparing her for this experience. “My recruiter helped me with mock interviews and also helped me figure out certain details like housing and navigating New York,” she said. 

Genesis also participated in the Carson Scholars program, traveling to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and White House staff to gain an in-depth look at business and public policy. Through this experience, Genesis discovered how she wants to put her business degree to use. 

“The more I thought about law, the more it just made sense,” she said. “I love the idea of being a legal counsel for a company and being able to help a CEO figure out how to navigate different legal challenges while also being able to use my business background.” 

Genesis is putting her passion into action, preparing to take the LSATs and apply to law schools in the fall. 

Finding Her Place

Living far away from her family in Texas has had its challenges, but Genesis feels it’s given her opportunities to learn about herself in ways she may not have otherwise. “Being away from home and family can be difficult, but it’s helped me become more mature and more independent and has helped me think about my future and what I want in life,” she said.  

Her involvement on campus, as a BBA ambassador and RA in her residence hall, has given her a community away from home. 

This is a great program with a top curriculum, but it’s also a warm environment where people really care about you.

Paying It Forward

Genesis’ experience at Ross has come full circle. She currently serves on the All-Access Weekend planning committee, sharing her story and mentoring students who are in a similar position she was in three years ago. 

“I am part of a tradition that I was once on the receiving end of,” Genesis said. “I love being a part of this experience because I think it exemplifies a lot of what Ross is about — welcoming students, helping students, and also trying to make education equitable.”