Joe Kuderer

Joe Kuderer, BBA ’17

Meeting His High Expectations

Joe had a longstanding interest in finance, so he knew what he wanted from a university — a top-notch undergrad business curriculum, a strong alumni network, and a thriving sports and social scene. Research told him he’d find it all at Michigan Ross.

“The school as a whole is exactly what I was looking for, both inside and outside of Ross,” says Joe, a native of the Minneapolis area. He’s become active in a couple of student organizations, and he’s pursuing his goals and exploring other academic areas through the Ross undergraduate MERGE curriculum.

In his first year of the program, one favorite professor was Mary Hinesly. “It’s an incredible opportunity to learn from her. She’s had a lot of success and she really knows how to communicate in the business world, and how to teach effectively,” he says.

Joe has already experienced the power of the Ross network: He’s met with alumni who are all willing to offer advice or help, and to spend time talking even if they don’t necessarily have a current job opening. “I’ve had nothing but great experiences with alumni,” he says.

With just one year of the program behind him, “I think the experience has been really incredible,” Joe says. “It’s exceeded my expectations, and I had pretty high expectations.”