Cross-Campus Transfer for Current U-M Students:

While attending the University of Michigan, you may apply to the Ross BBA during your freshman or sophomore year. The Cross-Campus Transfer application process is available to students who find an interest in business while at U-M. While the main pathway to enter the BBA program is Preferred Admission, Transfer Admission is available for dual degree students and U-M freshman who have not previously considered business, in addition to external transfer students. We will enroll approximately 100 students through Cross-Campus Transfer Admission. 

Dates & Deadlines

Apply Now

The BBA Cross-Campus Transfer application will be available at the end of December. Once available, you can save your work, and return to it as often as you would like. You may submit your application as early as Feb 15.

Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EDT March 31

There are no exceptions to the deadline. We strongly recommend you submit the application several days before the deadline to avoid last-minute problems. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your application.

The application must be submitted electronically. Make sure you have uploaded the correct essays, and be sure to submit only your completed application. Once you submit your application, you may not alter or add to it in any way.

Notification Date:  late June

We will communicate your admission decision online by late June. If admitted, you will then have one week to accept your offer of admission. Be sure to check your email (including spam filters and inboxes) throughout the month of June.

BBA Orientation

All entering students must attend the mandatory BBA Orientation program, which will take place the Thursday or Friday before fall classes begin. You will receive more information about Orientation after you accept admission.


When reviewing your application, we consider the following:

We look for good grades in challenging classes.

Keep mandatory credit/no credit courses to a minimum. In the case of optional pass/fail courses, we have access to the actual letter grade you earned and will consider that.

We suggest a minimum of two rigorous quantitative courses. These may include the required courses in Calculus and Economics.

Quality extracurricular experience.

Deep engagement: Put your unique passions into practice. We value all kinds of activities, not just those related to business.

Initiative: Look for ways to take initiative or assume responsibility, whether or not you have a formal leadership position.

Commitment over time: We look for quality of involvement, not just quantity of activities. We consider and give priority to activities you’ve participated in while at U-M (both within the U-M community or elsewhere, such as a part-time job). Meaningful high school experiences may be used to supplement U-M involvement, particularly for freshman applicants. We expect greater involvement for applicants beyond freshman standing.

Compelling application essays: Think about what makes the Ross BBA right for you, given your interests, goals, and experiences.

Provide specific examples: They should highlight your best, most unique qualities.

Be age-appropriate: It’s OK if you don't have your adult career mapped out yet.


  • All applicants to the Ross BBA Program must complete the following requirements by the end of the winter term in the year you apply. We will access and evaluate your U-M transcript after winter term grades have been posted. Any transfer or test credits you wish to have considered must appear on your U-M transcript by the end of the winter term. You must complete all credits with a grade of C or better.

  • Any course in Calculus I, II, or III. This includes AP credit for Math 120 or 121. It includes IB, A-level or transfer credit for an exact U-M course equivalent (not departmental credit, e.g., Math 101X).

  • Economics 101. This includes IB, A-level, or transfer credit for the exact U-M course equivalent (not departmental credit, e.g., Econ 101X)

  • Any course approved as First-Year Writing in LSA, as approved through the LSA Sweetland Center for Writing. This includes transfer credit for any course approved as First-Year Writing at U-M (not departmental credit, e.g., English 101X or ENGCMPTC 101X). ENG 100 does not count as LSA First-Year Writing credit.

  • Earn at least 27 credits with a grade of C or better at U-M Ann Arbor, fall-winter, in the year you apply.

    • Excludes transfer credits, unless you have transferred to U-M during the same term in which you’re applying to Ross.

    • Excludes all AP, IB, or A-level credits.

    • Courses in the School of Kinesiology that are listed as NFC under LSA policy do not count toward the 27 required credits. Please go to the Non-LSA School of Kinesiology credit listing for the complete list of approved credits.

    • May Trip Courses offered through Ross Global Initiatives during the winter term do not count towards the 27 required credits.

    • Excludes Officer Education courses, except those cross-listed in another U-M department.

    • If you receive only 2 credits in Math 105 after Math 103, you must earn only 25 credits fall-winter.

Connect with a Current BBA

Gain insight to the Ross undergraduate experience by connecting with our Ross BBA Ambassadors!

This team of current undergraduate BBA students is open to answering your questions about the application process, the courses they are taking, their career aspirations, and why they chose the Ross School of Business. BBA Ambassadors are available at Ross Undergraduate Admissions Information Sessions, Ross Undergraduate Admissions Drop-In Hours or Prospective BBA Student Tours throughout the academic year.

These students are trained and supervised by Ross Admissions staff. Please note that they cannot critique application essays or review transcripts.

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