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Michigan Ross Executive Education is expanding its portfolio of digital education opportunities. Explore these dynamic learning experiences designed to set you and your organization up for success.

Digital Course Offerings

From managing a crisis event to transforming your company culture, we have courses to meet your needs. Learn from world-class Ross faculty at the forefront of their disciplines, and adept at translating academic work into effective business practices.

Strengthen your business acumen, discover new management insight, and advance your career in a personalized online learning experience.
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Explore key finance and accounting principles that will enable you to understand and interpret financial data to immediately make impactful financial management decisions in your firm.
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Imagine What would happen if leadership development was radically altered? What if all your people spent 3-5 minutes a day...
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Invest in your understanding of ESG today to make sustainable business decisions tomorrow.
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Identify Your Strengths and Learning Opportunities 

Assess your current strengths and capabilities as a leader and identify those required for future personal and organizational success. Our 10-minute Learning Insights Self Assessment, based on the Michigan Model of Leadership, offers specific insights and recommendations you can use to advance your leadership skills and align your capabilities with future business goals.

Learning Insights Self-Assessment 

Online Seminar Series

These free online seminars feature Ross faculty and thought leaders who share expert insights on the pressing issues facing organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion: Bonuses, Margins, and Systems

Featuring: Professor Scott Page and Ralph E. Johnson 

This session addressed how effective diversity and inclusion policies must be core missions of organizations and require moving the entire system to address disparities in wealth, health, education, and safety.

Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations: A DEI Toolkit

Featuring: Associate Professor Lindy Greer

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is top of mind for companies around the world right now. In this session, you will gain evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to improve your personal and organizational DEI toolkits, including learning ways to combat bias, creative inclusive work cultures, and update work processes for equity. 

The content of this session is a preview of the new online program "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Teams and Organizations" offered by Michigan Ross Executive Education.

Fintech Opportunities in the New Normal

Featuring: Professor Amiyatosh Purnanandam

This session focuses on how firms can use FinTech to create value in their organization in the post-COVID world. Discussion covers broad themes that cut across Fintech activities (payment services, online lending, cryptocurrency, Robo advising, etc.), and examines how COVID-19 has thrown unique challenges as well as opportunities into the FinTech space.

The Future of the Healthcare Ecosystem: How COVID 19 is accelerating innovation and access  

Featuring: Associate Dean Brad Killaly and Robin L. Washington (BBA '84) 

This session examines how value creation in the Healthcare Management and Life Sciences ecosystems has been impacted by the COVID pandemic.  

Igniting the New World of HR

Featuring: Professor Dick Beatty, Professor Wayne Brockbank, Professor Dave Ulrich, & Associate Professor Maggie Zhou

This session examines how the strategic context of firms has changed and acknowledges that a “New HR” is required to deliver new forms of competitive advantage. We will share data and insights derived from a recent University of Michigan survey of business leaders and identify what HR and organizations must do to deliver the workforce and workplace needed to survive in the next round of competition. 

This session highlights the research of faculty from the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program and Strategic Human Resource Planning program offered by Michigan Ross Executive Education.

Discovering Opportunities in Crisis: Implications for individuals, leaders, and organizations 

Featuring Professor Dave Ulrich

HR Guru Dave Ulrich provides tips and insights for optimizing inside a crisis. View slides

Introducing and Using An Organization Guidance System (OGS)  

Featuring: Professor Dave Ulrich

The Organization Guidance System (OGS) helps decision makers more precisely target and measure the impact of people and organization investments on employee, strategy, customer, investor, and social citizenship results. This session will introduce the OGS and review the key talent, leadership, organization, and HR initiatives that business and HR leaders might pursue to deliver stakeholder results.

Preparing for a new normal and return to the office in a COVID-19 world  

Featuring Ross Alumni and Friends

Chief Executive Education Officer Melanie Weaver Barnett leads a conversation with distinguished members of the Ross alumni community to discuss what their organizations are doing to adjust to the new realities.

Jeff Brodksy - CHRO, Morgan Stanley 

Sandra Buchanan Hurse - CHRO, Grosvenor Capital Management (MBA '91)

Rethinking the Post Pandemic Competitive Organization   

Featuring:  Professor Dick Beatty, Professor Wayne Brockbank, & Professor Dave Ulrich

In the post-pandemic world, firms will need to quickly adjust their business models and capabilities to create a competitive advantage. Those that effectively respond through human, organizational, and workforce capabilities will win in the marketplace. With years of empirical research and practical experience throughout the world, the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program faculty will address these issues in this dynamic and results-focused session. 

The Future of Global Talent Management & People Analytics

Featuring: Iveta Brigis

Talent management is going through a major transformation: organizations around the world are learning to use people analytics to gain insights about their workforce, to increasingly make design and policy decisions based on science and data, and to focus more on employee experience. This session will discuss how the global pandemic and racial equity movements necessitate that the people field continues its evolution, and share practical tips on talent management, leadership and manager development, people analytics, and overall people strategy.

Leading Digital Business Innovation in a Post-COVID World: Becoming a Living Enterprise  

Featuring: Professor Venkatram Ramaswamy

This session discusses the five fundamental facets of digital business innovation to create value in a post-COVID world, as illustrated through the living enterprise, which connects intelligent interactions of purpose-built platform offerings with valuable impacts on lives and livelihoods in the ecosystems of experiences in which it operates.    


Reimaging Beyond the Restart Using Enlightened Design Thinking

Featuring:  Prof. Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Learn how the combination of design and business can accelerate your efforts to develop impactful solutions to our new challenges.


Advancing in Today’s Dynamic Business World: The NEW ONLINE Accelerated Management Development Certificate Program

Featuring: Associate Professor Gwen Yu 

Comprehensive business acumen is one of the keys to solving complex problems and advancing in today’s dynamic business world.  Featuring content from the “Analytical Thinking” course, this session focuses on identifying and measuring key value drivers and tracking value creation in your organization. It also includes actionable takeaways for immediate application. All content is a snapshot of the new Accelerated Management Development Certificate Program.

High Stakes Leadership: Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

Featuring Prof. Mike Barger

Discover the proven strategies and best practices for leading organizations during a crisis.


Leading Teams to Their Full Potential  

Featuring: Ross Faculty Paula Caproni

The most successful leaders take time to systematically learn and implement best practices for leading teams. Dr. Caproni will discuss the Michigan Model of Leadership and the four critical roles for leading teams through stable or challenging times. The content of this session is a preview of the three-day "Leading High-Performing Teams" program.


Leadership Communication in a Crisis

Featuring Dean Scott DeRue

Former Michigan Ross Dean Scott DeRue shares his research and practical experience on how to lead and manage communications during uncertain times.



Developing Future Ready Leaders

Featuring: Professor Paula Caproni

Discover the skills that leaders at all levels need in order to thrive, not only survive, in a complex and unpredictable world. Take away leadership development strategies that you can use to help yourself and others acquire these skills.


How to Make Working From Home Work For You: Advice From the Gig Economy 

Featuring Prof. Sue Ashford 

Thrive on new methods to increase productivity in a suddenly remote climate.

Social Emotional Intelligence: More Important Now than Ever  

Featuring: Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks & Ross Faculty Cheri Alexander

Discover how to utilize social emotional intelligence to maintain and recover remote worker engagement as well as to elevate your coaching excellence in this interactive session.

Why Remote Work Makes Teams and Leaders Better

Featuring Prof. Lindy Greer

Explore how and why creating effective remote teams can revolutionize work and yield more productive teams and better leaders


Navigating Brands Through the COVID Maelstorm 

Featuring Prof. Rajeev Batra 

Learn practical frameworks for managing your brand during a crisis. 

Preparing for a New Era of Frugal Customers

Featuring Prof. Scott Rick

Investigate the psychology of "tightwadism" as it relates to consumer behavior and business relationships.


Riding the Wave of Consumer-Behavior Change for Sustained Performance

Featuring: Associate Professor Yesim Orhun

Consumer-centric strategy has implications for a wide array of cross-functional business decisions. This session explores how managers can evaluate and dynamically adapt to fast-changing consumer trends to drive outperformance. Concepts are brought to life through current data across a wide range of industries and recent consumer trends.  

The Utility of the Network  

Featuring: Marcus Collins

Explore what happens when we decide to be radically human. Uncover insights that will help organizations and individuals weather changes in a crisis and create new opportunities for the future.   

Global Challenges and Local Responses: Changes in the Global Business Environment and Their Impacts on Firm Strategy

Featuring: Associate Professor Maggie Zhou

This session focuses on how changes in today’s global business environment, including trade policies, social and environmental problems, and economic uncertainty, impact firm strategy. 

Beyond Oversight and Disclosure: The Growing Need for Board ESG Education

Featuring: Prof. Mike Barger and Prof. Tom Lyon

Experts from Michigan Ross, Ceres, and the Erb Institute explore the business case for board ESG education and why sustainability-competent boards are a critical foundation for ensuring shareholder value and long-term viability. 

Also featuring: Elizabeth Doty - Director, Erb Institute and Steven M. Rothstein - Managing Director, Ceres

Conversation with Microsoft President Brad Smith

Featuring Associate Dean M.S. Krishnan

Technology, Security, and Corporate Responsibility during COVID-19 and Beyond

Data-Driven Decision Making for Value Creation

Featuring: Associate Professor Chris Williams

With so much data available, how do organizational leaders determine which information is needed, where to get it, and how to apply it to the decisions that drive value creation for your organization? In this session, you will learn how to improve your data-driven decision making via frameworks, tools, and techniques to better resolve many of the business decisions you are challenged with each day. The content of this session is a preview of the week long Leading In the Age of Data Executive Education Program offered at the Michigan Ross School of Business.  

Global Supply Chain Resiliency 

Featuring: Prof. Ravi Anupindi

Resiliency and efficiency are two sides of the same coin. Learn how and why supply chains are being affected and gain insights on how to build resilience as the economy normalizes.   


Reactive and Proactive Digital Transformation: Implications from COVID

Featuring: Associate Dean M.S. Krishnan

Businesses need to be agile and adapt to the challenges of digital and technological advancements in order to stay relevant. Learn the critical lessons, including implications from COVID, to transform your business and how to apply it successfully across your organization.  

Michigan Ross Executive Perspectives - Middle East Podcast

The Michigan Ross Executive Perspectives - Middle East podcast features Michigan Ross faculty and inspirational business leaders providing commentary and insights into topics that are shaping the future of the region and beyond. 

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Custom Online Learning Programs

Michigan Ross offers custom executive education programs tailored to the specific needs of organizations around the world and delivered online. Whatever your organizational goals, Michigan Ross will work with you to design an online program that exceeds them with sustainable results. We’ve helped many organizations improve their culture and performance through our digital learning approach.

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