Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis

Programs Manager

Karen has been with the Ross School of Business since 2009, where she started out in faculty support. She has been program coordinator for India Initiatives from its inception in 2011, helping to create a portfolio of offerings that includes Multidisciplinary Action Projects, the annual India Business Conference, and student fellowships. She has been a program manager with Executive Education since 2017.

Karen’s prior experience includes several years in the newspaper publishing industry, working in the circulation and newsroom departments at a daily newspaper and corporate advertising for a newspaper group. She was a marketing specialist for several years with an industrial equipment manufacturer creating marketing plans and managing industry events/conferences.

She has successfully organized volunteer fundraising events for the American Cancer Society and CCFA.

Karen enjoys outdoor activities, including running, hiking, biking, paddleboarding, skiing, walking, and visiting as many national parks as possible. She has completed 42 marathons and too many half-marathons to count throughout the U.S.

She is a proud University of Michigan graduate (BA).