Steph Jones

Steph Jones

Executive Assistant

Steph joined the Executive Education team in 2023 as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Education Officer. In this role, she provides high-level administrative, logistical, and operational support to the CEEO and the Managing Directors of the team.

Steph has focused her career on providing highly-organized support to teams across the globe.  She began her tenure with the University of Michigan in December 2021 as the Executive Assistant (EA) for the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures. Before that, Steph lived in Cambridge, England, and worked as an EA for the University of Cambridge’s North West Cambridge Development project (now known as Eddington Cambridge), where she supported the Operations Director and their team. Prior to that, Steph worked in Polar Operations & Logistics for the British Antarctic Survey, and was responsible for arranging Antarctic travel for the whole organization, as well as providing administrative support to the Air Unit, Ship Operations, and Station Operations teams.

Steph earned an Associate of Arts degree from Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011, where she focused on digital photography and mixed media collage-work. Since then, she has taken courses on project management, DEI initiatives, effective communication strategies, and mental health first aid, all with the aim of supporting and building safe, equitable, and collaborative working environments.

Steph currently lives in Ann Arbor with her two partners and her kid. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for her family, playing video games with her kid, and traveling (especially road trips).