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This Spring Break, Michigan Ross Supply Chain Students Helped Companies Solve Complex Problems


During the winter semester of the Michigan Ross Master of Supply Chain Management program, MSCM students take part in a unique, distinctive feature of their education — the Supply Chain Consulting Studio program.

In the Supply Chain Consulting Studio program, students work in groups to complete a real-life project for a corporate sponsor in consultation with a Ross professor. The course includes on-site data collection and presentations to company leadership during Spring Break, before they present their final recommendations and submit their report to their sponsors.

Supply Chain Consulting Studio projects give students hands-on experience and practical understanding of a variety of topics including data analytics, sustainability, product design and development, forecasting models, risk assessment and more, all of which will position them well for success after graduation. Not to mention the benefits the outcomes of these projects have for the company sponsors.

“The Supply Chain Consulting Studio has been a great way for me to solidify the concepts I've learned at Ross thus far,” said Kyle Meagher, MSCM ‘19, who is working on a project with Fiat Chrysler. “As a student with work experience in a different field, the Studio has been a great way to build my expertise and confidence working on a supply chain problem with real-world complexities.”

During Spring Break students headed out on their primary data collection and fieldwork trips for these projects. Here’s a look at five of the projects they’ve been working on:

A Process Improvement Project with Avis

Students have been exploring ways to help rental car company Avis Budget improve their processes in a way that will reduce the amount of vehicles the company has out of service at any one time.

A Business Model Project with Dow Chemical Company

Students are working with Dow to help them map new technological advances like blockchain and machine learning to work processes that could transform their global supply chains.

A Supply Chain Strategy Project with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Students are working with FCA N.V. on examining the company’s global supply chain and identifying potential risks.

A Supply Sourcing Project with General Motors

Students are helping GM identify the best and most efficient way for the company to source specific supplies for their manufacturing processes.

A Scheduling and Logistics Project with Radial

While visiting sites in Louisville, students will work with omnichannel service provider Radial on how they can make process improvements in the way they develop schedules for their fulfillment center employees.

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