Explore More Insights of Michigan Ross Faculty Presenting at the Positive Business Conference


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A number of the presenters at the sixth annual Positive Business Conference, taking place May 9-10, are members of the Michigan Ross faculty. If you’d like to learn more about their work, check out the links below for posts on our Ross Thought in Action website featuring faculty presenters:

Ach Adhvaryu, co-presenter of “Well-Being and Our World”

Sue Ashford, presenter of “Thriving in the New World of Work”

Wayne Baker, presenter of “Permission to Ask: The Secret of a Giver Culture and How to Use It”

Kim Cameron, presenter of “Positive Leadership and Positive Performance”

Jerry Davis, presenter of “Leading Positive Change Without Authority”

Scott DeRue, Edward J. Frey Dean of Michigan Ross and co-presenter of “Purpose and People”

Jane Dutton, presenter of “How to Build Strength From Within: Learning to Craft Positive Identities”

Andy Hoffman, conference co-host and presenter of “The Next Phase of Business Sustainability: Management as a Calling”

Jim Price, presenter of “Good (And Bad) Lessons on Company Culture from Silicon Valley”

Robert Quinn, presenter of “The Purpose-Driven Organization”

Gretchen Spreitzer, presenter of “The Positive Business Possibility in Today’s Workplace”

Chris White, presenter of “Micromoves to Build a Positive Workplace” and moderator of “Purpose and People”

Carolyn Yoon, presenter of “Leveraging Insights from Consumer Neuroscience to Promote Prosocial Behavior”

Amy Young, co-presenter of “Measuring the Positive: How to Create and Sustain a Positive Workplace Environment”