VIDEO: Three Ways to Bring Out the Best in Employees — TED Talk


Chris White offers some suggestions on how to guard against worker disengagement.


Up to 70 percent of employees in the U.S. may be actively disengaged at work, feeling underappreciated and mentally checking out as a result. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Chris White, MBA '11 and managing director of the Center for Positive Organizations at Michigan Ross, recently gave a talk at TEDxAtlanta. His talk on the problem was called “Three Ways to Create a Work Culture That Brings Out the Best in Employees.”

“Walkouts and checkouts happen when we feel that we’re not being heard, we’re not being respected,” White said in the talk. “Just about all of us have experienced having our ideas shot down or ignored in the workplace. When it happens, we tend to experience it as an identity threat.”

In the talk, White offers three specific suggestions that leaders can use to avoid disengagement in the workforce.


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