You’re Invited: Come Zoom with Us


In April, I wrote a blog on the many ways that prospective students could engage with myself and the Michigan Ross Admissions Team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I wanted to write this follow-up to let you know of new opportunities, along with sharing the ways that we have been able to successfully connect with other prospective Ross BBA students. 

While the campus is still closed to visitors, we hope to give you that same experience and feel virtually as if you were visiting campus. 

Beyond the High School Information Session

Since March, we have moved our BBA High School Information Session to an online format. Over the summer, we hosted these sessions on Fridays. With most of our student ambassadors home for the summer, they joined us from cities across the country. It was certainly fun and exciting for the prospective student audience to see the many different states where our students come from! Check out the picture, with C.J. Mathis, one of our assistant directors, leading a session with our BBA ambassadors. 

For the fall, we will continue our BBA High School Information Sessions on Fridays, and also add two new opportunities! 

New! Take a live virtual tour or participate in a live Q&A session

We will add a new live virtual tour after each of these information sessions. During this virtual tour, one of our ambassadors will walk around the Ross building complex with a selfie stick (and a mask of course!) so that you can get a real feeling for being on campus.  

We have also added a live Q&A format for Fridays when we are not running the live BBA High School Information Session. These are perfect for those of you that attended an information session, but now have more specific questions related to the Michigan Ross BBA Program and our admissions process. 


New! Sign up for a Ross Undergraduate Admissions virtual admissions appointment

We miss seeing and talking to our prospective students in person, but we have created a new opportunity for our students to connect with us directly through our Admissions Virtual Appointments. Book a 20-minute appointment with our admissions staff to talk about the admissions process. Coming soon you’ll even be able to connect with a BBA ambassador about their Ross experience. Appointments are available Monday through Friday 2-4:30 p.m. ET. 

BBA Ambassadors have been added to Google Hangout drop-in hours 

Have a quick question answered about the program or learn more about the day-to-day experience as a Ross student. Our BBA Ambassadors are also available Monday through Friday from 2-4:30 p.m. to answer your questions via chat! Sign on to Google Meet and chat with us. 

Faculty Seminars

We have partnered with the central Office of Undergraduate Admissions to provide faculty seminars through a university spotlight series. In September, we were joined by Ross professor Eric Schwartz for our breakout session where he led a lecture titled “How Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Helped Find Lead Pipes in Flint, Michigan”. It was fascinating to have him talk with prospective students on how he and a team of faculty and students used data and machine learning to help city officials in Flint, Michigan identify which homes had water pipes made of lead. These faculty seminars will continue throughout the fall. 

We hope you can take advantage of these opportunities to engage with us virtually. The Ross Undergraduate Admissions staff has worked hard to provide these resources to ensure that you are well prepared to submit your application.

Come Zoom (or Google Meet) with us!