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Paul Kirsch

Paul Kirsch

Managing Director of the Michigan Ross BBA Program

"Lean in. Do NOT be a passive participant in your education."

Paul Kirsch is the managing director of the Michigan Ross BBA Program. He deals with all of the behind-the-scenes work that makes the BBA Program run as smoothly as possible.

He’s your go-to for information related to the student experience, the Ross community, and, oddly enough, animated Disney movie heroes.

Q&A with Paul

What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

The older you get, the faster it goes ... better make it all count!

What is the biggest mistake BBA Applicants make?

Telling us about Ross. We already know about ROSS, what we want to know about is YOU.

What Day At Ross Is Your Favorite?

Final Exam Study Days. Hear me out: EVERYone is serious about being a student, and the drive to do well is palpable. Not to mention, no classes on the schedule makes everyone a little more social. 

Current Favorite Netflix Show?

Stranger Things 2

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