Data Analytics

Course Code
EMBA 610
1.5 hours
  • Spring 19
  • Spring 20

Data Analytics --- We live in a world awash in data. Companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to extract a competitive edge from data, especially large, complex datasets often called "Big Data." However, companies are increasingly facing the challenge posed by the scarcity of analytical talent -people who can turn data into better decisions, people who can extract insights and information from data. There is growing demand to professionals with strong quantitative skills combined with an understanding of how data analytic techniques can be applied to business contexts and managerial decision making. To help students succeed in this growing field, this course teaches advanced analytical, statistical and data mining tools with an applied focus. The main focus of this course is to prepare students to model and manage business decisions with data analytics and decision models using real life case contexts and datasets. By the end of this course students will have a better understanding of processes, methodologies and tools used to transform the large amount of business data available into useful information and support business decision making.

Taught By
Hyun-Soo Ahn
  • Jack D. Sparks-Whirlpool Corporation Research Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
Hyun-soo Ahn is a Professor of Operations and Management Science at the Michigan Business School. He joined Michigan in 2003 from the department of...