Designing Persuasive Communication

Course Code
MKT 407
3 hours
  • Fall 23
  • Winter 23
[(Ross BBA Junior or Senior) or (Ross Minor) or (Non-Ross Junior or Senior) or (MM)] and (No Credit in MKT 311 or COMM 468 or COMM 462)

Designing Persuasive Communication --- This multidisciplinary seminar covers topics such as the principles of persuasion, persuasion strategy (campaign planning and research); persuasion tactics (copywriting; graphic design; film, video, photography; web site design; media planning; database marketing; product design); and the social impact of persuasion campaigns. In addition to the class sessions, taught by faculty from different University departments, students work in interdisciplinary teams on a semester-long field project.

Taught By
Amy Angell
  • Lecturer II in Marketing
As a marketing lecturer, consultant, and small business coach, I am a firm believer in investing time in relationships. Through my work, I have had...