Digital Marketing

Course Code
MKT 722

2.25 hours
(OMBA or Evening MBA) and (no Credit in MKT 322)

Digital Marketing --- "Digital" has become one of the most important issues in business today -- requiring new skills and capabilities from the entire workforce to compete in the market. The word "digital," however, has come to represent a type of technology, a mindset, a skillset, and a whole host of factors that make up contemporary business. With no shortage of jargon, abstractions, and buzzwords associated with "digital," practitioners have struggled to find clarity in the space and fully leverage the potential power of "digital" for their business. This class takes an in-depth look at "digital" to provide an approach which empowers marketers with a perspective to navigate the ambiguity of "digital" with concreteness and actionable skills. Students will learn how to apply strategic thinking to the creation of "digital" marketing activities that not only change industries but also consumer expectations. Given the dynamic nature of the subject, the emphasis of the course will be on perspective taking and emerging practices.