Digital Marketing

Course Code
MKT 322

1.5 hours
(MKT 300 or 302) and [(BBA Junior or Senior) or Ross Minor or (Non-Ross Junior or Senior)] and (no credit in MKT 722)

Digital Marketing --- Technology has significantly transformed marketing. The last several years have seen an explosion of digital options to engage consumers and attract client marketing budgets. This course is designed for students who have taken marketing management. It will focus on the tools and techniques of digital marketing. We will explore such topics as search engine advertising, the effectiveness of banner ads, and how to use viral marketing, email marketing, and consumer-generated media. The approach is to bring a healthy dose of action-based learning into the classroom. Readings will include recent research, cases, and books on key industry trends. Grades will be based on team presentations built on a live project, as well as several one-page essays and classroom contributions.