Empowering Business Decision Making with Generative AI

Course Code
TO 438

1.5 hours
BBA Junior or BBA Senior or Minor in Business or (non-
Business Junior or Senior) or BBA Exchange

Empowering Business Decision Making with Generative AI --- This course equips students with the latest technical and practical knowledge in deploying Generative AI tools such as large language models (e.g., Generative Pre-trained Transformers or GPT) in real-world business scenarios. Students will delve into the technical aspects of generative AI models, learn the best practices for utilizing these tools efficiently, such as advanced API programming, prompt engineering and context manipulation, and gain hands-on experience in applying GPT-based AI tools in real-world business scenarios such as customer analytics, financial reporting, operations management, and risk management. This course intends to bridge the educational gap in this rapidly advancing field, equipping future business leaders with the ability to leverage generative AI as a critical tool to assist in decision making in the increasingly automated and digital business landscape.