High Stakes Leadership: Building Resilience through Relationships

Course Code
MO 711

2.25 hours
OMBA or Evening MBA

High Stakes Leadership: Building Resilience through Relationships --- As a participant in this course, you'll discover why an understanding of various stakeholder perspectives can inform and dramatically improve a leader's response to events that threaten an organization's very survival. During the course, you'll spend time with level executives from some of the world's most recognizable brands, who have guided their enterprises through major disruptions and have lessons to share from their experiences. You'll also learn from your own experience as you role-play members of different stakeholder groups during each of four simulated press conference events that have been designed to help you build on the crisis leadership foundation you will develop throughout the course. This course is also about understanding and developing individual and organizational resilience - the ability to anticipate potential threats, to cope effectively with adverse events when they occur, and to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring a viable path forward for yourself, your team, and your organization.