Social Media Marketing

Course Code
MKT 409

3 hours
(BBA Junior or Senior) or BusAd Minor or MM Master of Management

Social Media Marketing --- Social media technologies are continuously transforming the way in which consumers interact with each other and firms. These transformations constitute a fundamental shift in the marketplace - consumers have greater opportunities to voice their opinions and connect with other consumers and have an increased influence over marketers and brands. As a result, the conventional approaches to marketing communications have become more and more challenged. This puts an added emphasis on leveraging social media to engage consumers and propagate ideas, messages, products, and behaviors. This course takes an in-depth look at the relationship between social media and human behavior, and examines how organizations capitalize on social media, and these consumer-to-consumer interactions, to support their marketing efforts. Students will get hands-on experience creating comprehensive social media strategies for active brands and designing ideas that spread.