Strategic Brand Management

Course Code
MKT 603
2.25 hours
  • Fall 20 (B)
  • Fall 21 (A)
  • Fall 21 (B)
  • Winter 21 (A)
  • Winter 21 (B)

Strategic Brand Management --- In almost every industry, strong brands sell more, earn more, and last longer. This course covers the creation and leveraging of strong brands, for marketers, general managers, and consultants. We first learn what makes brands strong, via cases, research, and models. Once we develop a roadmap for building strong brands, we cover the strategy and tactics needed to do so: how to create high awareness and relevant identity; a reputation for high quality and leadership; relevant, differentiating, ownable and motivating imagery and associations; and emotional loyalty. Scores of brands, from many industries and countries, are discussed. Then we get to the smart leveraging of brand investments, via successful brand extensions. Finally we look at brand architecture and brand valuation. The emphasis is on practical, useful, real-world learning. For their term projects, student teams study a brand and strategies and tactics to make it stronger.

Taught By
Katherine Burson
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
Katherine Burson explores judgment and decision making in consumer behavior, specifically examining systematic biases in self assessment such as over...
Marcus Collins
  • LEO Lecturer
Marcus Collins is an Award-Winning advertiser and a Lecturer of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, where he helps...