Strategic Market Planning

Course Code
MKT 601

2.25 hours
Ross Graduate Student and No Credit in WMBA 601

Strategic Market Planning --- This course focuses on the critical questions for any market-driven entity: which markets and customers to serve, what function to provide, and the means to achieve competitive advantage. These strategic marketing decisions often involve though, uncertain choices, and while long-term focused, they must be periodically revisited to sustain advantage or identify new opportunities. Through case studies, readings, and class discussion, students will acquire skills to develop, assess, and adapt market-based plans that reflect these strategic choices. This course will also examine potential strategic marketing responses to market disruption and disruptive innovation. Students will then apply these skills in a comprehensive, realistic business simulation, where teams must make integrated strategic and tactical decisions in a highly competitive and evolving market. Given the broad organizational impact of strategic marketing decisions, this course is relevant to future leaders in marketing, strategy, general management, business development, finance, venture capital, entrepreneurship and consulting.

The course is targeted towards students with career interests in marketing, strategy, consulting, business development, general management and entrepreneurship. Student with a finance focus (buy side, private equity, venture capital) have also found this course to be of use. Industries covered in the course include high technology, packaged goods, services (e.g., telecom and casino gaming), entrepreneurial ventures and B-to-B markets.