Michigan Ross accounting faculty show how the language of business informs the market and policy.

Michigan Ross accounting faculty show how the language of business informs the market and policy.

Accounting is the language of business. The Michigan Ross accounting faculty goes beyond the numbers to show you how this language informs the market, decision-makers, and policy. You will learn in the birthplace of modern accounting research, where faculty members tackle the latest issues in the field with a collaborative yet rigorous approach.

The traditional lines between accounting, finance, and management are dissolving, and technology is changing at a rapid pace. The accounting faculty at Michigan Ross keeps you ahead of the game through expert teaching and cutting-edge research.

Gregory Miller, Chair

Sue Ruehle, Faculty Support Administrator

Accounting Faculty Directory

Chair: Greg Miller
Greg Miller
Ernst and Young Professor of Accounting
Chair of Accounting
Clyne Crawford Teaching Fellow
Gregory S. Miller is a Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. His research focuses on financial communication; that is, how...
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Accounting PhD Program

The Ross PhD Program in accounting has consistently trained and developed cutting-edge accounting scholars who have pursued influential academic careers at leading research-oriented universities.

Our goal is to uphold this rich tradition.

A major strength of the program is the close interaction between faculty and students. Student offices are co-located with faculty offices, a rarity in most business schools. The Paton Fund offers generous research assistantships for PhD students, reinforcing the program’s commitment to research excellence.

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The Paton Center is your resource for theoretical and applied research in accounting.

The Ross Master of Accounting Program delivers the tools and cross-functional expertise you need to multiply your career options.

Search for and view working papers from Michigan Ross faculty.

These workshops are sponsored by the Harvey Kapnick Workshop Series  provided by Mr. Harvey Kapnick; MBA 1948, and the Kapnick Foundation in 1997.