Through teaching and research, Michigan Ross Faculty show what it takes to become an ethical, socially responsible leader.

Today’s business world requires leaders who are ethical and understand the complex legal impact of their decisions. The Michigan Ross business law faculty can help turn you into that kind of leader.

Law plays a central role in value creation, and Michigan Ross shows you how all the different aspects of law — antitrust, contracts, corporate governance, employment, intellectual property, liability, and securities regulation — intersect when making business decisions.

Business law faculty research focuses on the role of law in promoting ethical conduct and more socially responsible behavior — values that inform your learning.

Dana Muir​, Area Chair

Clea Davis, Faculty Support Administrator

Business Law Faculty Directory

Dana Muir
Robert L. Dixon Collegiate Professor of Business
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Business Law
Area Chair of Business Law
Professor Muir is a nationally recognized expert on fiduciary and remedial issues especially in the fields of investments, pension plan funding, plan...
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