BBA Business Law Course Offerings

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 Day Section      Partially Offered in Washington DC      Travel Study Course

R=Fulfills Law Competency Requirement   E=Elective Only   PC=Fulfills BBA Capstone Requirement

Course Fall 24Winter 25
BL300 Business Law and Ethics (BBA Core)R   
BL309 Professional Integrity, Ethics, and the LawE 
BL404 Professional Capstone: Entrepreneurship LawPC 
BL405 Capstone-Conflict Resolution in Corporate AmericaPC 
BL407 Capstone-Legal Issues in Finance & BankingPC   
BL410 Negotiation and Dispute ResolutionE (B) 
BL411 Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Dispute ResolutionE  (B)
BL413 Law of MarketingE 
BL415 Legal Aspects of DEI in the WorkplaceE 
BL417 Real Estate LawE 
BL488 Business and Public PolicyE  (B)

BL407 Capstone - Legal Issues in Finance & Banking --- Leaders in finance and banking operate in a highly regulated environment. Financial companies are subject to strict supervision and the target of frequent litigation. Moreover, the 2008 financial crisis and passage of the Dodd-Frank Act increased scrutiny of the financial sector and created new types of legal risks. Heavy regulation, however, also creates opportunities for financial companies to use the law strategically to their advantage. For financial sector leaders, therefore, the ability to develop, assess, and implement legal strategies is indispensable. This capstone course will challenge you to integrate concepts from across the BBA curriculum to manage legal risks and capitalize on strategic opportunities in finance and banking. Through in-class activities, case studies, and a semester-long capstone project, you will synthesize principles from finance, strategy, business economics, management, and ethics to develop strategies for maximizing value in the financial sector in light of legal constraints. You will leave this class with (1) relevant knowledge about the laws and regulations governing financial companies, (2) an understanding of how financial firms achieve competitive advantage by reducing legal risk and using the law to create economic value, and (3) well-reasoned opinions about financial regulation to contribute to future policy debates. The concepts we explore in this class will form a critical foundation for your future career in investment banking, financial services, private equity, consulting, accounting, or law. 

BL 411/BUSABRD 411: Cross-cultural Negotiation and Dispute Resolution --- Cross-cultural Negotiation and Dispute Resolution --- The ability to negotiate effectively is essential to business success, especially in a global economy.  This course emphasizes negotiation strategies and skills that enable managers, functional specialists (for example, in finance, marketing and accounting), consultants, entrepreneurs and others to create and claim value in a manner that enhances long-term business relationships.  Among the specific topics in the course are legal and ethical frameworks for negotiation, psychological tools that enhance negotiation effectiveness, and negotiations strategies for dispute resolution (including the use of third party processes such as mediation and arbitration in resolving business disputes).  Because the course is offered in an international setting, special emphasis is placed on cross-cultural negotiation and dispute resolution.  The travel component of the course will be offered during spring break.  Admission is by application.  Applications are due by late October and must be completed through MCompass.  See MCompass for the application deadline.