Abt Associates

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Project Goal

Assess the feasibility of using revenues garnered from higher-income organizations to subsidize services for the base of the pyramid

Project Detail

Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and economic policy, and international development.

The MAP team assessed the feasibility of using revenues garnered from higher-income diplomatic and ex-patriot members to subsidize subscription services provided to the poor communities in Addis Ababa. The team also worked to understand the costs associated with differentiated product offerings for different product segments.

Project also sponsored by the William Davidson Institute.

Faculty Advisors
A.F. Thurnau Professor
Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration
Professor of Management & Organizations
Professor of Strategy
In many ways, our lives are defined by the duties we embrace and the responsibilities we shoulder. The challenge is to integrate these duties and...
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Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor of Business Administration
Senior Research Fellow, William Davidson Institute
Ted London is the Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor and Area Chair of Business Administration at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of...
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