ICICI Bank Limited

Mumbai, India
Project Goal

Build a strategic road map for youth marketing, products, and channels.

Project Detail

ICICI Bank is India’s second-largest bank by total assets and its largest private sector bank. The MAP team was tasked to create a strategic roadmap for ICICI to market their all-in-one digital wallet to the youth segment, ages 16-22. To do this, the team investigated how ICICI can better target the youth segment against both bank and non-bank competitors, while reinforcing ICICI’s image among Indian youth as the premier, technologically innovative bank in the nation. The MAP team conducted primary research to derive findings and synthesize conclusions that would drive their final recommendations and advised strategies. The team generated concepts and interview questions based on preliminary data to test on focus  groups. They also conducted one-on-one sessions with youth, mall visits, and research activities to test the concepts and recommendations to ICICI Bank.

Faculty Advisors
Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing
Rajeev Batra's research interests include the strategy and tactics of brand-building; global branding and advertising; marketing issues in emerging...
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Accenture Professor of Computer Information Systems
Professor of Technology & Operations
Dr. M. S. Krishnan (“Krishnan”) is the Accenture Professor of Computer Information Systems and Professor of Technology and Operations at the Ross...
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