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Six Michigan Ross Professors Earn Promotions

Five Michigan Ross faculty members received promotions that were recently approved by the University of Michigan Board of Regents, in addition to one approved in December.

Stephen G. Leider was promoted to professor of technology and operations, with tenure. Leider teaches Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Operations Management to both graduate and undergraduate students. His research interests include contracts, trust, and bargaining in supply chain settings; behavior in social networks; and individual decision-making about risk and uncertainty. Last year, the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics awarded Leider its 2019 Vernon L. Smith Ascending Scholar Prize. Leider holds an MA and PhD in business economics from Harvard University and a BA in economics from Case Western Reserve University.



Jordan Siegel was promoted to professor of strategy, with tenure. Siegel teaches Competing in the Global Business Environment in the MBA Program, Global Business Environment in the Executive MBA Program, and Global Strategy in the PhD Program. He specializes in the study of how companies gain sustainable competitive advantage through creative strategies for corporate governance and human resource management. Siegel is a research fellow at the William Davidson Institute. He holds a PhD in strategy and international management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, and an MA and BA in political science from Yale University.



S. Sriram was promoted to professor of marketing, with tenure. Sriram teaches the New Product and Innovation Management course at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as a class on Quantitative Research Methods in the PhD Program. His research interests include brand and product portfolio management, monetizing content, and healthcare. His research has spanned several industries including consumer packaged goods, technology products and services, retailing, news media, and the interface of healthcare and marketing. He holds a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology and a PhD in management from Purdue University.



Achyuta R. Adhvaryu was promoted to associate professor of business economics and public policy, with tenure. Adhvaryu teaches the undergraduate Applied Economics core course as well as the global immersion course Doing Business in India. His research interests include firm decision-making and productivity in emerging markets; healthcare delivery in low-income contexts; and the long-run economic impacts of early life events. He is also co-founder and chief business officer of the Good Business Lab. He holds a PhD in economics from Yale University, an MA and MPhil in economics from Yale, and a BA in mathematics and economics from the University of Pennsylvania. 



Eric Schwartz was promoted to associate professor of marketing, with tenure. Schwartz teaches the MBA core course in Marketing Management, as well as Living Business Leadership Experience. His research focuses on how firms and organizations should use experiments and active learning to make better decisions. That research spans digital marketing, such as predicting customer behavior and understanding its drivers, as well as public health policy. Schwartz led a successful effort to help respond to the Flint water crisis by predicting which homes were more likely to have water service lines made of lead, and is now extending that work to other communities. He holds a PhD in marketing from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, as well as a BA in mathematics and Spanish from the University of Pennsylvania.


Brad Killaly was promoted to clinical associate professor of strategy. Killaly serves as associate dean of MBA programs at Michigan Ross. He currently teaches the EMBA core course in strategy and an MBA elective in healthcare strategy. His research focuses on strategy, growth and quality in healthcare organizations, with particular attention to hospice and end-of-life care. He has earned more than 20 university teaching awards from seven universities, including four Neary Teaching Awards since joining Ross. He holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, an MPA from Princeton University, an MSC from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA from Queen's University.