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In TEDxUofM Talk, Michigan Ross Professor Aradhna Krishna Explains the Power of Mental Imagery

Sensory imagery can affect behavior in fascinating ways, Ross School of Business Professor Aradhna Krishna demonstrates in a new video.

Krishna spoke on the topic “Why We Should Play with Our Food: The Power of Mental Imagery” as part of TEDxUofM earlier this year. 

Using food-themed examples backed by research, Krishna explains how the power of imagination interacts with senses like sight, smell, and taste to influence behavior. She draws on real-world experiences like eating cake, smelling brownies, and unwrapping a Hershey’s Kiss. 

“We have non-conscious, multisensory interactions with the world around us all the time. We will have much more fun and enjoy the world more if we look into our own non-conscious, multisensory responses,” Krishna says in the talk.

While demonstrating how we interact with food without even realizing it, Krishna also points out important implications for advertisers, marketers, and others. “Sensory marketing suggests that products themselves speak to humans,” she notes.

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