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There Are 102 Ways To Make an Impact on the World While a Student at Michigan Ross


The Ross School of Business is home to a community motivated to make a positive impact in business and society. 

Michigan Ross fundamentally believes business can and should make the world a better place.

The Business+Impact initiative at Michigan Ross is just one embodiment of this commitment, and it serves as a hub to the many, many activities and opportunities that Ross and the University of Michigan has been developing for years. 

Students can explore the Business+Impact Gateway for a deeper look at how to get involved in social impact work at Michigan Ross.

Below, in no particular order, are more than 100 social impact-themed programs, clubs, action-based activities, and classes to explore as well. 

  1. Michigan Business Challenge - Seigle Impact Track
  2. Nonprofit Board Fellowship Program
  3. Community Case Competition
  4. Multidisciplinary Action Projects
  5. Ross Give-A-Day Fund Club
  6. Social Venture Fund
  7. Summer Internship Funding From Business+Impact
  8. Habitat For Humanity Builders
  9.  WDI International Investment Fund
  10.  Dare To Dream Impact Grants For Student Startups
  11. +Impact Studio
  12.  Marcel Gani Interns In Social Enterprise
  13.  Ross Open Road — Entrepreneurial Road Trip
  14.  Optimize Club
  15.  Social Innovation Speakr Series
  16. Faculty Research For Impact
  17. Women Who Launch
  18. Women Who Launch - Gender Lens Investment Focus
  19.  Ross Loan Repayment Assistance Program
  20. Office Of University Development Summer Internship Program
  21.  Service Corps Alumni
  22. Davidson Field Scholars Program Through WDI
  23. Global Impact Internships Through WDI
  24. C.K. Prahalad Initiative
  25. Detroit Revitalization & Business Club Conference
  26. Detroit Revitalization & Business Impact Projects
  27. Impact Projects From The Erb Institute 
  28. Smart Cities Club
  29. Michigan Online Teach-Out Series
  30. Ross Net Impact Club
  31. Erb Institute Undergraduate Opportunities
  32. Energy Club
  33. Renewable Energy Case Competition
  34. Design+Business Club
  35. Ross MBA Concentration In Business And Sustainability
  36. Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund
  37. Dow Sustainability Fellowship Program
  38. Education+Business Club
  39. Erb Institute Ms/Mba Dual Degree With The  The School For Environment And Sustainability
  40. Innovation In Action Competition
  41. Ross Healthcare And Life Sciences Club And Symposium
  42. Center For Positive Organizations
  43. Center For Positive Organizations +Lab
  44. Magnify Immersion Program
  45. Positive Links Speaker Series
  46. Propel Club 
  47. Gordon Scholarships
  48. Detroit Accounting Outreach
  49. The Black Business Students Association (BBSA)
  50. BBA DEI Committee
  51. MBA DEI Council
  52. Enactus
  53. Impact Investing Group
  54. Impact Advantage Loan Repayment Program
  55. U-M Poverty Solutions Initiative
  56. Ginsberg Center


  1. Impact Studio: Translating Research Into Practice
  2. Business Strategies For The Base Of The Pyramid
  3.  Environmental Law & Policy
  4. Social Intrapreneurs: Leading Social Innovation In Organization
  5. Strategies For Sustainable Development: Managing Social Issues
  6. Innovation In Global Health Delivery
  7. Business In Society
  8. Global Information Engagement Programs
  9. Food Literacy For All
  10. Sustainability Finance
  11. Managing Projects And Organizational Change
  12. Social Impact Leadership And Organizational Governance
  13. Policy And Management In The Nonprofit Sector
  14. Washington Campus: Business And The Public Policy Process
  15. Organization And Management Of Health Advocacy And Community-Based Nonprofits
  16. Community Development
  17. Community-Based Policy Advocacy
  18. Organizing For Social And Political Action
  19. The History And Future Of Detroit
  20. Social Activism, Democracy, & Globalization
  21. Economic Growth, Depression, & Inequality
  22. Climate Economics And Policy
  23. Seminars On Energy Systems Technology And Policy
  24. Poverty & Inequality
  25. Energy Markets And Energy Politics
  26. Fundraising And Grant Writing
  27. Behavior And Environment: Transitional Thinking For The New Normal
  28. Positive Business Communication
  29. Non-Market Strategy: Shaping The Rules Of The Game
  30. Business Law & Ethics
  31. Business Innovation And Social Impact
  32. Values And Ethics In Public Policy
  33. Negotiating Skills In Environmental Dispute Resolution
  34. Erb Institute Seminar
  35. Urban Entrepreneurship
  36. Strategies For Sustainable Development I: Competitive Environmental Strategies
  37. Theories And Practices For Community Action And Social Change
  38. Businesses And Leaders: The Positive Differences
  39. Systems Thinking For Sustainable Development And Enterprise
  40. Leading Inclusive, High Performing Organizations
  41. Base Of The Pyramid: Business Innovation And Social Impact
  42. Healthcare Delivery In Emerging Markets
  43. Business Education Delivery In Emerging Markets
  44. The Economics Of Sustainability
  45. Living Business Leadership Experience
  46. Energy Markets And Energy Politics