Yasmin Kasmikha

Yasmin Kasmikha, MM '16

Managing Multiple Skill Sets

After completing her undergraduate education in International Studies and Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Michigan, Yasmin Kasmikha wanted to broaden her path. With an interest in international business she considered law school, but when she learned of Michigan Ross’ MM Program, she found a better match for her goals and mindset. “I really felt like the curriculum and what the program stood for balanced my liberal arts background almost perfectly,” Yasmin says.

“Complementing that background with the business degree, they just mesh so well together. I really think that recruiters and companies are impressed by people who have strong communication skills and a basis in business,” she continues. Through the recruitment process, Yasmin not only made this discovery but also zoned in on her career goals, and with the help of Ross Career Services she put her best self forward to prospective employers.

Before the MM Program officially starts, RCS offers a series of career preparation activities such as cover letter workshops, mock interviews, and case preparation, where Yasmin took full advantage of the team’s expertise. “They worked with us every step of the way. I remember sending in a cover letter to apply for a job, and I thought it was pretty good. But then it went through four or five reviews. The career services consultants wanted to make sure it was in perfect shape to for me to get the job. Right when the recruiters came in September and October, we were ready to go full force in getting our jobs. It was awesome.”

Yasmin’s hard work during recruitment season translated into a job offer as a consultant with Deloitte, which built on her prior experience as a governance risk and compliance intern at Quicken.

When considering what set her apart from other candidates, Yasmin credits the well-roundedness of her entire college experience. “For consulting, a business and liberal arts background really complement each other because although some quant is involved in consulting, a lot of it is communication. Adding a Master of Management to my International Studies background really set me apart, because now I have two skill sets. I really think that I got a snapshot of all the necessary courses that I need to succeed in business, and I’m definitely going to carry that along with me throughout my career.”

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